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Welcome to Debenwood Financial Planning Ltd

We provide independent advice to individuals and small businessess on all aspects of financial planning from our premises in a converted barn in Woodbridge, Suffolk.  Financial plans are 'living' and evolve as your aims, goals and situations change.  We focus on building long-term relationships with you and provide an on-going service to ensure the plan is adjusted accordingly should circumstances dictate.

The main areas covered are:

  • Life Insurance/Protection
    How much cash would your family or business need in the event of premature death, critical illness or accident?
  • Investments & Regular Savings
    Are you making the best use of any spare capital or surplus income?  Are you maximising tax efficiency by utilising your full stocks & shares ISA allowance?  Are you a higher rate tax payer?
  • Retirement Planning
    When do you want to retire and how much income will you need? When did you last review your pensions and other investments?
  • Estate Planning
    Have you created a Will?  Are your affairs consolidated to make life easier for your executors and ultimately your beneficiaries?  Do you know how much inheritance tax will be payable on your estate?  Are you a trustee?  Are you adhering to TheTrustee Act 2000?
  • Long Term Care
    Do you have, or are you a Power of Attorney?  Do you have an immediate need to arrange care? One in four of us are likely to need long term care at some stage in our lives so discussing and planning ahead is always best.

More information can be found by clicking on the headings on the tool bar.

Most of our business comes from our clients referring us to like-minded people who could benefit from our services.  It is therefore important to us to receive your feedback, not only on the current offering but what other services or information you woud like included to help you. Please use the general enquiry form found under Make Enquiry.

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